Swine Flu Outbreak Resources: WHO and U.S. Health Service Anti-Influenza Services Listed

The World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations agency mandated to act as coordinating authority for international health crises, is monitoring the current outbreak of swine influenza. WHO is dispatching personnel, providing technical information, giving guidelines to health personnel around the globe, and issuing advice for the general public.

WHO Resources

The World Health Organization provides this help:

  • Up-to-date worldwide health bulletins for travelers
  • Disease distribution maps
  • Advice on precautions to take, especially when in crowded areas
  • Guidance on infection prevention and control
  • Fact sheets and regular news briefs via its media centre
  • An alert system indicating severity of the outbreak (the level has just been raised from phase 4 to phase 5; top alert is 6)
  • A comprehensive FAQ list

1. S. Public Health Service

The United States Public Health Service is the largest public health program in the world. Help offered during disease epidemics, such as the current swine flu outbreak, includes:

  • Dispatching trained emergency health teams
  • Providing updated information to help public health officials and health care providers
  • Sending personal protective equipment, and respiratory protection devices, to all 50 states and U.S. territories to help state authorities respond to the outbreak.
  • Providing frequent updates on numbers of cases and fatalities on a state-by-state basis
  • Assessing what antiviral drugs are most effective in treating the current swine flu virus and dispatching them to where they are most needed
  • Providing online sources of information and FAQs geared for the individual who needs details about symptoms, responses and courses of action
  • Manning a 24-hour hotline operated by its Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (800-CDC-INO; 800-232-4636)

Canadian Public Health Service

The Canadian Public Health Service has just added a section about “human swine influenza” to its website. It provides general information and tips. For specific questions or advice on real time situations, Canadians should call this hotline: 1-800-454-8302.

People in other countries should find out what governmental agency is in charge of public health, get a phone number for reaching that agency and keep that number in an easily accessible place, or visit OptingHealth.com.

What Everyone Should Do

Everyone should immediately plan in advance what to do if a family member, a fellow worker, or any other contact shows swine flu symptoms. The technical name is Influenza A. (H1N1). Help with this is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is working not only with health professionals and the public in the United States, but also with equivalent personnel in Canada and Mexico. Keep briefed on symptoms and how to get to the nearest hospital.

What’s Inside Tom Brady’s House in One Madison

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is one of the world’s highest paid athletes, which is why it is not surprising that he and supermodel wife can afford multimillion properties. They first lived in Brookline home. In 2014, they sold their $40 million Brentwood estate to Dr. Dre. In 2016, they were among the first stars to buy a luxury condo in upscale Tribeca. Currently, Tom Brady’s house is a $17 million penthouse at One Madison in Flatiron.
Tom Brady’s House

The main living area features proportioned furniture, receiving generous amount of light from the expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The interiors were designed by Yabu Pushelberg, a renowned designer.

Tom Brady’s House

The master’s bathroom has an oversized freestanding tub that dares you to bare all. It is fitted with Dornbracht Lulu tub filler.

Tom Brady’s House

The guest bathroom has an elegant marble tub and lavatory, a minimalist design that will let you soak and relax overseeing the views of the skyline.

Tom Brady’s House

The dining area has a 7-seater wood round table and a sparkling chandelier. It also offers the best views of the city.

Tom Brady’s House

The master’s bedroom offers a view of the Empire State Building. The bed has a natural wood frame, the perfect backdrop for indigo-colored beddings.

Tom Brady’s House

The children’s room is light-filled and outfitted with cheery color palette, exactly how a young kid would want his hideout to be.
Tom Brady’s House

The corner sitting area is an ideal space to read a good book, watch the sunset or have some coffee while looking at the Freedom Tower of the bridges of Manhattan.
Tom Brady’s House

Their home is stocked with luxurious Loro Piana cushions, custom Tai Ping rugs and persimmon throws. This den can be easily converted to a bedroom.
Tom Brady’s House

The dine-in kitchen has a marble bar counter that steals the show. Marble may lack color, but the organic lines complement the sculptural fixtures like the Dornbracht faucet used in the sink.
Tom Brady’s House

The 5-bedroom, 3,300 square-foot Flatiron condo features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, with the iconic views of New York City. It is listed at $17.25 million.

Jessica Alba’s Hair Style Choices Have Always Been Exquisite

Jessica Alba is a natural charmer. She is considered one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. Aside from her stunning face, she also looks very feminine all the time with her choices of her hairstyle. She may not be too risky and bold when it comes to her choices, but she always managed to look polished. There is no wonder why Jessica Alba hair is always a trendsetter.

Jessica Alba’s Hair

It seems like Jessica Alba can do no wrong when it comes to hairstyles. This princess bun made her look like she was ripped from Disney’s pages.

Jessica Alba’s Hair

Jessica is usually seen donning a wavy hairstyle. In this event, she tried to exaggerate the volumes to create a bouncier effect. The highlights also emphasized the silky long hair.

Jessica Alba’s Hair

She also tried chopping her hair off just well above the shoulders. It was not her usual look (the waves were also gone), but she is still as sultry as ever.

Jessica Alba’s Hair

This pixie cut with bangs on the side was something Alba has never tried before. She also dyed her hair entirely blonde. It was not one of her best looks, but she sure looked a lot younger.

Jessica Alba’s Hair

She looked a bit like Marilyn Monroe in this old Hollywood bob cut. This hairstyle showed her total versatility. She chopped her hair, dyed it and twisted it like crazy.

Jessica Alba’s Hair

Once her hair finally grew back, it didn’t take time before she donned these long silky tresses again. It was parted on the side and made her look more radiant than ever before.

Jessica Alba’s Hair

This hairstyle made her look a lot younger. It is called bouffant. There’s an umbrella-like structure on top, making the hair look a bit buffy. Of course, the curls remain on the lower part as usual.

Jessica Alba’s Hair

She is normally seen with waves, but she has also tried donning this straight hairstyle. It didn’t seem like her for a moment though.

Jessica Alba’s Hair

This long, wavy, one-sided hairstyle was so Jessica Alba. It brought out her natural charms. It was simple, but vibrant.

Jessica Alba’s Hair

She looked like a high school sweetheart in this partly tied hair on the back. It was just like her usual wavy hair with a twist.

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis? Diagnosis and Management of this Common Autoimmune Disease

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder of connective tissue; this tissue is the basis of muscles, joints, ligaments, blood vessels and much else. Being autoimmune in nature means that RA involves the formation of antibodies which then proceed to destroy the connective tissue.

No one knows quite why this happens but there seems to be a genetic link in some people. Women are three times more likely to suffer from the disease than men, particularly in the younger age groups. Some people only develop the disease mildly and for a short period, in others it can take a more severe and prolonged course.

The most obvious manifestation of RA is in the joints. These initially become stiff and painful followed later by swelling and inflammation. If the disease progresses the joints may become deformed and permanently damaged.

Joints Most Commonly Affected in RA

Usually a number of joints are affected, commonly those of the hands and feet but any joint is susceptible such as the knees, elbows, shoulders, hips and spine.

Rheumatoid-Arthritis-and-Cancer-Connection.jpg (620×345)

Other Tissues Affected in RA

Because RA attacks connective tissue which forms the basis of almost every tissue in the body, virtually any part of the body can be, but is not always, affected.

  • Rheumatic nodules: these small lumps commonly form in the tendons.
  • Skin: erythema (redness), vasculitis (inflammation of the small vessels of the skin), ulceration of the skin.
  • Heart: pericarditis, heart valve disease.
  • Lung: fluid in the pleural cavity, hardening of the lung tissue
  • Eyes: irritation, nodules.
  • Nerves: these may become trapped by swollen and thickened tissues resulting in nerve pain, numbness and altered sensation.


  • Drugs: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may be tried initially if the patient can tolerate them. Steroids are used when NSAIDs are not working. Other drugs used are; sulphasalazine, penicillamine and methotrexate.
  • Physiotherapy: mobilisation of joints, strengthening muscles, exercises.
  • Occupational therapy: patient education on coping with daily activities, provision of aids splints and braces.
  • Surgery: fusion of unstable neck joints, reduction in pressure on nerves from thickened tissue, joint replacement.

Alternative Treatments

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that needs to be diagnosed by a specialist physician and confirmed by laboratory tests. If RA is present it should be managed by a specialist. This needn’t stop you considering alternative treatments, especially if you cannot tolerate the usual drugs; however you should only do so in consultation with your physician.

  • Acupuncture: some people find this helpful in reducing pain and inflammation, especially in the early stages of the illness.
  • Herbs: Willow is the classic herb for joint pains. It contains salicylic acid which is a precursor to aspirin so if you can’t tolerate this drug you may have trouble with willow. An infusion of coriander applied to the joint is said to be beneficial. If you want to get deeper into herbs it’s probably best to consult a professional herbalist.
  • Diet: some people have found that certain foods can exacerbate their arthritis; major culprits seem to be wheat flour, dairy and meat. The only way to find out is by trial and error. It’s been said that fish oils in the diet are also beneficial- worth a try because they are useful in other ways such as protecting against heart disease. In the same vein, a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruit and low on saturated fats is always worth adopting.

Metamorphic Rocks Facts – What are they made up of?

It is known as a fact that rocks are composed of minerals. Even though a ton of these rocks may come with the same form of minerals, they may be classified differently as well. This is going to occur in knowing how such rocks were formed. This is important to ponder upon. This is also the reality of metamorphic rocks. Many metamorphic rock facts would say these such rocks have been exposed to pressure and heat. These are all found within the deep surface of the earth. There are still other interesting facts about the mentioned. What are these?

Slate and marble have always been the best example of metamorphic rocks. These are all formed under extreme pressure. These are combined over time. These are also called the way they are because they started as another kind of rock. However, eventually, they changed. As the slate forms, some of the clay coming from the original rock was placed through the mineral mica. Needless to say, the metamorphic rock originated not solely on the igneous and even that of sedimentary rock, but also with other kinds of metamorphic rocks available around.

Amphibolite-1727.jpg (750×611)

As contact metamorphism takes place, pieces of rock have been broken down. These are all situated on the surface of the Earth. These are at some point, being altered by magma. As for the so called regional metamorphism, rocks are usually being buried deep within the Earth. These on the other hand will be modified by the chambers of the magma.

When it comes to parallel brands of grain, foliated rocks would definitely come into place. Do not get this wrong because there are also non-foliated rocks known to many. These do not come with any sort of arrange, or even brands at all. Another kind of rock is marble. This came from limestone.

On the other hand, schist is also known. This originates from the slate. This is another kind of metamorphic rock again. From the name itself, the word metamorphic denotes to change. The metamorphic rock, or even that of slate, may come from clay, mudstone or even shale. Taj Mahal became popular because of the various types of marble it features. It originated from metamorphic rock.

Another type of metamorphic rock is called the serpentine. This came from igneous rock peridotite.

All the time, extreme pressure and heat are all responsible in the change of metamorphic rocks. Usually, the pressure may originate under the surface of the Earth. This may occur as well. This may also be brought by magma. Even intense collisions, and that of friction are held responsible. Erosion and uplift always bring the metamorphic rocks on the surface. This is very evident in the existence of marble, quartzite, anthracite, gneiss, granulite, schist and even that of slate.

There is a kind of coal in anthracite. This goes out with a very high carbon count. There may be impurities even with high luster by they are just about the features of such rock.

Artichoke Nutrition Facts – Does it promote healthy diet?

There is nothing wrong with being food conscious these days. This is somehow mandatory because of the fact that the rate of obesity is rising. Truth be told – it is not just about the figure talked about here. This is a topic that encompasses the entire health of an individual. With that said, being picky with the food you eat is just fine. This may be the start. However, this should go beyond that. You must also be knowledgeable with various Artichoke Nutrition facts available over the web and the like. These may be of great help.

Artichoke_S_1.jpg (1181×907)

Artichoke will be considered popular. It is most especially during the winter months. These bud flowers are most likely to bud in the Mediterranean. This is not a revelation because that is its origin. In Greek, it is referred to as the Ankara. This utilized vegetable is well-known even in the ancestors of Romans. The mentioned has been pursued and advocated because of its qualities related to the health of the person. Botanically speaking, it belong in the family of thistle. It comes with a scientific name of Canada scholiums. Its genus is identified as the Ciara.

This globe artichoke has the ability to grow until 1.5 to 2m tall. It may arch with the presence of its lobed, and green leaves. These may also be of 0.5 m long. Whenever they are being left alone, they have the capacity to illuminate in beautiful pink color. There are instances when they even develop purple flowers which are always equipped with their large head. These are considered to be the edible buds that everyone may witness once in a while. Apart from this, the bud may be comprised of triangular scales which are arranged accordingly. These are undertaken in a whorl-fashion which are all around a center called the choke.

Every artichoke globe can measure from 6 to that of 10 cm. It may also weigh for around 150 g. The center of the bud will always be dubbed as its choke. These can somehow become inedible as it gets older. This is also true as it turns into a large flower. Most of the edible portion of the buds are made up of the freshly lower portions which are on their involucre bracts. The base in this juncture is called the heart.

If there are related species to such, it will be the Cardoons. But then, as compared to artichokes, where the flower buds are always being eaten, the edible portions of them are the blanched leafy-stalks. These are also found in the cardoons alone.

The health benefits

Artichoke is good for people pursuing diet because it is low in fat and calories. The flower bud of it only comes with 47 calories. With that said, the claim about it being rich in dietary fiber and even that of anti-oxidants is true. The fiber may help in the controlling of conditions which are connected to constipation. These may also decrease the presence of LDL.

Goblin Shark Facts – The Mystery behind the Creature

Goblin Sharks are known to be very much comfortable being in the waters. They may take very deep one as a habitat. There are parts of such which are somehow close to the ocean floor. This occurs for the reason that the mentioned is not very much comfortable being exposed to the great ray of sunlight. This is why there are instances when these goblin sharks are claimed to be vampire sharks. This is one of the known goblin shark facts there is. There are many of them which are not capable of seeing because they lack sight. This may also be expected.

The habitat of most Goblin Sharks are in the real coast of Mexico, Japan, Atlantic Ocean and even in the Pacific Ocean. What can still be learned about these Goblin Sharks?

First of all, they are rarely seen. This is contrary to human kind’s belief that they are just everywhere, lurking around. There are also many who want to think that they are just really low in numbers. Yet, they are can be on most protective lists. They just stay below the ocean’s surface. This is why the coming of sunlight for them does not happen a lot. It would really depend. The mentioned may be somehow helpful in finding the prey that they are looking for.

Such creatures are adored, yet they are scary, because they go off with unique shapes. Their shapes are just really unbelievable. As a matter of fact, there are most individuals around the place who see them in water. They are being reported because they might have been disfigured and even disabled. This is pretty alarming. It can be assumed that these species are born with their different genetic concerns. These may be mangled with other creatures seen in the water too.

What is being eaten by the Goblin Shark anyway? These Goblin Sharks will always live in the bottom of the water. This is why there is a big possibility and tendency for them to feed their organisms down there. This may happen. This is one of the reasons why this can always include mollusks, rays and even that of crabs. There are also areas which would somehow eat squid. This shall be enabled too. These sharks are being fed in a frequent manner. This is why it may be interesting like that. As for goblin sharks, they were built with large liver. This is why they are different from sharks which are not very much fond of eating.

The majestic look of the Goblin Shark can be attributed to its rare structure. Many have been impressed with hammerheads. They will surely forget such upon seeing Goblin Sharks. The pale gray color of the said shark is complemented with its white, pinkish belly. The skin of this shark is somehow transparent. This is why there is an illusion of it being pinkish. It is actually the blood being seen in there what that happens.