Metamorphic Rocks Facts – What are they made up of?

It is known as a fact that rocks are composed of minerals. Even though a ton of these rocks may come with the same form of minerals, they may be classified differently as well. This is going to occur in knowing how such rocks were formed. This is important to ponder upon. This is also the reality of metamorphic rocks. Many metamorphic rock facts would say these such rocks have been exposed to pressure and heat. These are all found within the deep surface of the earth. There are still other interesting facts about the mentioned. What are these?

Slate and marble have always been the best example of metamorphic rocks. These are all formed under extreme pressure. These are combined over time. These are also called the way they are because they started as another kind of rock. However, eventually, they changed. As the slate forms, some of the clay coming from the original rock was placed through the mineral mica. Needless to say, the metamorphic rock originated not solely on the igneous and even that of sedimentary rock, but also with other kinds of metamorphic rocks available around.

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As contact metamorphism takes place, pieces of rock have been broken down. These are all situated on the surface of the Earth. These are at some point, being altered by magma. As for the so called regional metamorphism, rocks are usually being buried deep within the Earth. These on the other hand will be modified by the chambers of the magma.

When it comes to parallel brands of grain, foliated rocks would definitely come into place. Do not get this wrong because there are also non-foliated rocks known to many. These do not come with any sort of arrange, or even brands at all. Another kind of rock is marble. This came from limestone.

On the other hand, schist is also known. This originates from the slate. This is another kind of metamorphic rock again. From the name itself, the word metamorphic denotes to change. The metamorphic rock, or even that of slate, may come from clay, mudstone or even shale. Taj Mahal became popular because of the various types of marble it features. It originated from metamorphic rock.

Another type of metamorphic rock is called the serpentine. This came from igneous rock peridotite.

All the time, extreme pressure and heat are all responsible in the change of metamorphic rocks. Usually, the pressure may originate under the surface of the Earth. This may occur as well. This may also be brought by magma. Even intense collisions, and that of friction are held responsible. Erosion and uplift always bring the metamorphic rocks on the surface. This is very evident in the existence of marble, quartzite, anthracite, gneiss, granulite, schist and even that of slate.

There is a kind of coal in anthracite. This goes out with a very high carbon count. There may be impurities even with high luster by they are just about the features of such rock.